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Anonymous asked: "Minho: *licks into your mouth*"

*shivers* oh god

Sleep I think

happy birthday nao! ♥

Anonymous asked: "Minho: *kisses your neck and grabs your butt*"

*bites your lip*

tags: #Shinee #ugh

1 of the moments when Minho’s most happy: When he wins

Anonymous asked: "Minho: *kisses you lustfully and massages your breast*"

*giggles and kisses back*

Anonymous asked: "Minho: *bites lip and watches you*"

You naked on a balcony by the sea is all I can think about now

Anonymous asked: "Minho: *gasps* s-sure thing baby, a-anything else? *moans*"

*thinks, not moving hand at all*




fish shaming [x]

jesus christ i’ve been waiting for this


Anonymous asked: "Minho: *breath hitches* w-well that can be arranged."

*smiles seductively* we should have a balcony… y’know *grabs you* because of reasons